R.502 Resolutioner og rekommandationer

R.502 Resolutioner og rekommandationer
Harmonisation of legislation of member States relating to removal, grafting and transplantation of human substanses. Resolution (78) 29.
Transport and international exchange of substances of human
origin. Recommendation No. (79) 5.
On transplantation of kidneys from living donors who are not
genetically related to the recipient. Resolution (2008)6.
Blood products for the treatment of haemophiliacs. Recommendation No. R (80) 5.
Antenatal administration of anti-D immunoglobulin. Recommendation No. R (81) 5.
Assessment of the risks of transmitting infectious diseases by
international transfer of blood, its components and derivatives.
Recommendation No. R (81) 14.
Preventing the possible transmission of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) from affected blood to patients receiving blood or blood products. Recommendation No. R (83) 8.
Prevention of the transmission of malaria by blood transfusion.
Recommendation No. R (84) 6.
Study on the current position of training programmes for future specialists in blood transfusion in Council of Europe member states and in Finland. Recommendation No. R (85) 5.

On the Screening of blood donors for the presence of Aids
markers. Recommendation No. R (85) 12.
Guidelines for the preparation, quality control and use of fresh
frozen plasma (FFP). Recommendation No. R (86) 6.
Common European public health policy to fight the acquired
immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Recommendation No. R
(87) 25.
Responsibilities of health authorities in the field of blood transfusion. Recommendation No. R (88) 4.
Ethical issues of HIV infection in the health care and social settings. Recommendation No. R (89) 14.
Medical research on human beings. Recommendation No. R
(90) 3.
Plasma products and European self-sufficiency. Recommendation No. R (90) 9.
Concerning clinical trials involving the use of components and
fractionated products derived from human blood or plasma.
Recommendation No. R (93) 4.
Protection of the health of donors and recipients in the area of
blood transfusion Recommendation No. R (95) 14.
On the preparation, use and quality assurance in blood components. Recommendation No R (95) 15
On the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Resolution 812 (1983).
Documentation and record-keeping to guarantee the traceability of blood and blood products especially in hospital. Recommendation No. R (96) 11.
Provision of haemotopoetic progenitor cells. Recommendation
No. R (98) 2.
The use of human red blood cells for preparation oxygen carrying substances. Recommendation No. R (98) 10.