ESID 2018

20. april 2018

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Share your research with an international community of clinicians, scientists, nurses, and patients in the field of primary immunodeficiency.

View the topics and submit your abstract before the deadline: May 15th

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06.11.2018: HU-kursus Flowcytometri
18.10.2018: Launch meeting for CRISPR/Cas center
05.09.2018: Videnskabeligt møde CRISPR/Cas9
13.08.2018: DART rapport 2017
29.06.2018: DEKS brugermøde
22.06.2018: 51st Annual DGTI møde
30.04.2018: Nordisk Komplement PhD kursus
20.04.2018: ESID 2018
06.04.2018: European Society for Reproductive Immunology (ESRI)
17.03.2018: Annual meeting in Danish Society of Genetic epidemiology
26.02.2018: HU-kursusrække 2018
20.02.2018: Lymphocyte Engineering
20.02.2018: Tiltrædelsesforelæsning Christian Erikstrup
01.02.2018: DSKI årsmøde
01.02.2018: Høring Fremtiden for Klinisk Immunologi
28.01.2018: European Society for Immunodeficiencies
19.12.2017: European Conference on Donor and Health Management
02.10.2017: ISBT Affilate membership
25.06.2017: ISBT 2017