Nordic Flow Cytometry meeting 2017

11. januar 2017

The Danish, Norwegian and Swedish flow cytometry societies have arranged a joint Nordic conference in flow cytometry in Copenhagen August 30-31 and September 1st 2017. The conference will be held at DGI-byen. Some of the very best people within flow cytometry have been invited to give talks in their respective fields.

The meeting is relevant for both clinical and basic researchers, it includes:

·        Summer school with teaching
·        Poster sessions
·        Workshops where you can present you work
·        Many interesting presentations in the field

Current PhD students in Denmark can participate free of charge since we have made an agreement with the University of Copenhagen where we have set up an “Advanced course in flow cytometry” and if you enroll in this course, the University will pay the conference fee.

Program: Nordic FCM 2017 meeting program 201216
There will be more information on the Danish Society for Flow Cytometry’s webpage: where links for the conference and program can be found.

You can already now sign up for the meeting.

·        Registration link:
·        Abstract submission link:

·        Signup for course at University of Copenhagen:


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