International Symposium on Critical Bleeding (ISCB 2015)

3. juli 2015

This year’s event in Critical Bleeding and Critical Illness (100 out of 400 seats available)

It is a great honour to invite you back for the 5th International Symposium on Critical Bleeding (2015, Aug 31 – Sept 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark), please see for further.

ISCB2015 Preliminary program

ISCB 2015 topics are…..

  • Resuscitation Strategies, discussed by prof’s Holcomb & Wade, on the PROPPR and beyond, prof. Maegele on the mainland Europe way of things, prof. Tisherman on Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation (EPR) and of course the Copenhagen Concept among others discussed by the prof’s Brohi, Dutton, Johansson, dr. Stensballe and colleagues.
  • Coagulopathy and Critical Bleedings, from the ED to the OR to the ICU, discussed by prof’s Hess, Dutton, Lisman, Holcomb and colleagues.
  • Antithrombotics and Critical Bleeding, management, antidotes and challenges of the NOACs, discussed by prof’s Samama, Lisman, dr’s Ostrowski, Stensballe and colleagues.
  • Trauma induced coagulopathy, the TACTIC research programme (European FP7 Grant), discussed by prof’s Johansson, Brohi, Maegele, dr’s Ostrowski, Juffermans, Gaarder and colleagues.
  • Plasma products and factor concentrates, discussed by prof’s Brohi, Maegele, Holcomb, Hess, dr. Wikkelsø and colleagues.
  • Hypothermia in Critical Illness, discussed by prof’s Holcomb, Tisherman, Johansson, Perner, Hassager and colleagues.
  • Haemorrhagic shock, early interventions and monitoring, discussed by dr. Steinmetz, prof’s Holcomb, Brohi, Dutton and colleagues.
  • The future of haemostatic monitoring, discussed by prof’s Tisherman, Johansson, Samama, dr. Ostrowski and colleagues.
  • Red blood cell transfusions, age and patient outcome, discussed by prof’s Samama, Hess, Johansson, dr. Holst and colleagues.

Sessions flavoured by case discussions and free open access interaction (#iscb2015 on Twitter, iscb2015 on Facebook).


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